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Welcome to FrontWay AB

FrontWay’s vision is that:


Within 25 years from start of FrontWay, simulation should be a part of every companies financial reporting and agenda. The reporting should clearly state that “this year we have used simulation to be Pro-Active in the leadership. “


To realize this, FrontWay must have tools and services in combination, so that business advantage can be created, both for us and for our customers. This is not only a technical issue, it’s also a management and work method task.

We do Think that we are on our way with this, and very important for us is work closely with our customers. In our long term we also need more automation services, and this is also on it’s way by starting reselling meeasurement devices, like the NIR-spekttron.

FrontWay has three (3) strong products, PaperFront®, BenchFront® and ProcessFront. They all focus on the process industry, with a special application made in PaperFront®.

The software systems are either sold as a standalone application package, or as a system delivery.



Our products and services


FrontWay’s system for calculating and illustrating the pulp and paper process.

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The process technology calculation and visualization system from FrontWay.

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A tool for comparing the results of your production and targets.

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    PaperFront Education
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    PaperFront Education
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