• FrontWay introduces a new NIR technology for worldwide paper industry

  • Stock preparation

  • Chemical pulp digesting

  • Washing and bleaching of pulp

  • Paper machine

Welcome to FrontWay AB

FrontWay’s vision is that:

Within 25 years from start of FrontWay, simulation should be a part of every companies financial reporting and agenda. The reporting should clearly state that “this year we have used simulation to be Pro-Active in the leadership. “

To realize this, FrontWay have developed process simulation software and services in combination, so that business advantage can be created for our customers. This is not only a technical issue, it’s also a management and work method task.

FrontWay delivers PaperFront® and BenchFront® which focus and deliver services on the pulp and paper industry.

FrontWay can help you with:

  • Issues from incoming raw material to outgoing rolls and pallets.
  • Material- and energy-balancing.
  • Quality simulations/predictions.
  • Lab quality and online measurements of quality based on NIR-technology.
  • Production planning and buffer simulations.
  • Energy saving and/or environmental studies.
  • We  automate your simulation work with our scenario handler and by XML traffic to transfer data between engineering systems and our simulations.
  • We can offer conversion programmes from other simulation tools into our PaperFront®.

We deliver based on Your demand, either as a software package or as a consultant service.

We have capacity to deliver and we always try to find optimal solution for our customers.

Please contact us and we will come back asap!

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FrontWay's system for calculating and illustrating the pulp and paper process.
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A tool for comparing the results of your production and targets.
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